Wine regions of Italy

Among others food and beverages, wine is probably the finest italian product. With over 300 different varieties of wine and thousands of producers, it can become difficult to find out which region, which city, which Italian village has the best Chardonnay, Vermentino, Prosecco or Trebbiano.

For more than 10 years we have been working in the wine and food tours sector, traveling Tuscany, Veneto, Sicily and chauffeuring our customers through the best wine tastings of their lives. Do you want to taste the best red wine, the most sought after Pinot or the Trebbiano D.O.C. directly from the producer’s cellar? Are you looking for guided Italian wine tour? In this article you will find a 4 days itinerary among different regions, climates and approach to winemaking.

Ferrari Cellar

Trentino wine tours

Rising between Dolomites and the Garda Lake, Trentino It’s one of the most mountainous regions in Italy, with breathtaking scenery and many prestigious ski slopes. The Ferrari was born in 1902 from the conviction of Giulio Ferrari that Trentino was the best land to cultivate Chardonnay.

The continuous pursuit of quality and attention to detail throughout the entire production process have made Ferrari the first Italian Classic Method wine house. This is why each bottle is a unique episode. Among the most scintillating manifestations of Italian art of living, the natural elegance of Ferrari is an icon of style that conquers the first sip.

It has the innate taste for beauty and that typically Italian attitude to savor every moment in its fullness. Let yourself be guided on a tour of the winery with a final toast with Ferrari Riserve Linea Perlé Trentodoc. Lunch or dinner in the Gourmet Lounge of the cellar with a visit to Villa Margon.

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Monte delle vigne

Emilia romagna wine tours

Monte delle Vigne welcomes tourists and enthusiasts to guide them to discover the vineyards, the winery and its wines, through guided tours and tastings combined with typical dishes of Parma: the most famous is undoubtedly the Prosciutto Crudo of Parma, produced in the hilly area together with the Salame di Felino. Characteristic of the Bassa Parmense are instead the Culatello di Zibello and the Spalla Cotta di San Secondo.

Among the most famous Monte delle Vigne’s wines we find the Nabucco, vinified for the first time in 1992, it is a red of great structure, it expresses itself with elegance, strength and depth, or the Callas, an intriguing wine with floral and very refined notes, on the palate it is soft and balanced with a long aromatic and mineral finish.


Tuscany wine tours

The area of Suvereto is rich of winemaking traditions which go back to the time of the Greeks and the Etruscans. But the land’s pedigree is not enough, especially when it is so nuanced: Petra is a collection of landscapes and microclimates. In this environment, the Swiss architect Mario Botta designed Petra’s cellar. Dug into the face of the hill, almost to blend with the rest of the landscape, it becomes a natural element.

The building has the shape of a large cylinder covered with Prun stone and allows natural light to penetrate all areas. A large staircase leads you to a balcony from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its islands. Taking advantage of a long tunnel dug into the hill you reach the end of the path, which crosses several points: the modern area of crushing, the steel hall and two scenic barriques (where the wine is left to rest).

Petra’s cellar offers wine such as the Alto, a Sangiovese, or the Hebo, which name is taken from an ancient Etruscan settlement, and recalls the historical roots of Suvereto.

Villa Matilde

Campania wine tours

The enological panorama of Campania has an undisputed lord: Aglianico, an ancient vine from which wines of excellent quality are obtained, starting from Taurasi, the first of the DOCGs of southern Italy, and passing through Aglianico del Taburno (another DOCG brand) ), Falerno del Massico and Galluccio. This robust tannic shoulder with a high extract content is today one of the peaks of excellence not only of Campania, but of Italy as a whole.

One of the first companies to combine hospitality, catering and wine production was Villa Matilde in the province of Caserta that inaugurated the Torre Falerno, named after the historic wine that the company has brought back to life.
You can stay at the Villa, surrounded by vineyards, in a suite for two, distributed on three levels, obtained from a real tower: on the ground floor there is a living area with a table, on the first floor there is a large bedroom with all the comforts and on the second floor a bathroom with a Jacuzzi, an emotional shower cabin and a Turkish bath.

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