VENICE – from 8th to 25th February 2020

Venice Carnival is the most important traditional feast for the city,  as well as being one of the most popular and loved carnivals in the world. A series of exclusive events will take place from 8th to 25th  February, to experience  this magical atmosphere in the city of Venice, invaded by amazing masks and costumes.


The origin of Venice Carnival is really ancient, there are in fact testimonies of the first masks and feasts since the 1000s; it was born as a popular festival that, thanks to the costumes worn, wiped out every kind of difference of social classes, sex and religion. During Carnival the city is transformed thanks to the people from all over the world wearing colorful costumes, parties, shows, gastronomic specialties and traditions, showing in this way the maximum splendor of Venice.

Nowadays the tradition of the Carnival is fully respected and there are some important events which are unmissable: the Opening of the Carnival is a beautiful “masked gondolas” parade along the Grand Canal; the “Flight of the Angel” opens officially the celebrations in San Marco Square with the flight of a character called Colombina with a rope from the bell tower of San Marco Church to the Ducale Palace. From 2012 onwards the “Eagle Flight” takes place in the second Sunday of Carnival and, this time, the person who interprets the Eagle flight is tied to a rope from the bell tower of San Marco Church to the center of the Square.

Moreover, during the whole Carnival period, numerous masquerade parties, set in exclusive places and in majestic venetian-style palaces, are organized throughout the city, where people are dressed with typical and majestic costumes maintaining the traditional spirit.


Carnival takes place throughout the city center of Venice, but San Marco Square is the main meeting place for the most beautiful masks, where they often parade all day and are at tourist disposal to take some pictures together.

The Venetian calli, this is the name of the narrow alleys of the city, are very crowded in this period and the craft shops located in these streets decorate their windows with hand-painted masks and all the typical Carnival objects.

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Visiting Venice during the Carnival Season is certainly the best time to discover all the beauty of the city that is alive, more than ever, making every corner more magical thanks to the Carnival decorations, the colors, the many parties and the amazing costumes. It is worth dedicating a visit to the islands of Murano, famous worldwide for the handmade glass production and Burano, known for the works of lace and its wonderful panorama of colorful buildings.

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Departing from Venice you can continue, either by boat called “Burchiello” or by car, along the Riviera del Brenta, an area rich of majestic Palladian villas; one of the most beautiful and famous one is Villa Pisani which also hosted Napoleon Bonaparte and where you can still admire his bedroom.

At the end of the Riviera you can find the city of Padua, famous for its ancient and prestigious University, the Scrovegni Chapel painted from Giotto and the Prato della Valle, the largest square in Italy.

Even Vicenza, just an hour away, is worth a visit to admire the beauties of the architect Palladio; among his most famous works there are certainly the Villa La Rotonda and the Olympic Theater.

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