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Uniqueness and beauty: these are the words that sum up all the peculiarities and qualities of Venice, a city rich in history that will charm you and catapult your imagination into the old glories of the past.

Millennial Venice

Venice owes its birth to the arrival of inhabitants from neighbouring areas to the islands of the lagoon: they were fleeing from the Teutonic tribes who were invading Italy. In 452 A.D. the city of Venice was built, but it was in 697 A.D. that it became a republic under the leadership of the Doges. Quickly the “Serenissima” grew as an important trading centre, and with the conquest of Constantinople and Cyprus it became a reference point for trade throughout the Mediterranean.

Venice also managed to expand its domain areas inland, giving prestige and lustre to the republic. Its heyday was absolute during the Renaissance.

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What to do in Venice

A city where history, culture and tradition blend to give rise to a unique atmosphere. The most famous monuments are the majestic St. Mark’s Basilica, which was the city’s Cathedral and the seat of the Patriarch, then the Doges’ Palace. Do not miss the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and the beautiful Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal.

Venice offers also the opportunity to attend cultural and folklore events, such as the famous Carnival of Venice, or the Venice International Film Festival which takes place between the end of August and the beginning of September. Equally ambitious are the Biennials, multidisciplinary exhibitions which alternate annually in the International Art Exhibition and the International Architecture Exhibition.

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The cuisine of the Venetian lagoon

As with any other Italian city, the local cuisine owes its origins to the rich and unique history which has characterized it. Being a seaside town, fish is a staple food, but the Venetian culinary tradition also includes food from distant countries, which arrived in this area thanks to flourishing trade.

Among the specialties there are marinated eel and sardines in sauce, but also rosada, a typical milk pudding, or fisherman’s bread, made with almonds and pistachios: delicacies which can be tasted in the numerous restaurants located throughout the lagoon.

Excursions around Venice

Venice is not the only attraction which can be found in the Veneto region. A few kilometres away, you can admire the beautiful city of Vicenza, which offers some of the greatest works of Andrea Palladio. Do not miss a visit to the Palladian Basilica, the Olympic Theatre, or La Rotonda, the most famous of the Palladian villas. Another city of interest is Verona: a walk through the shopping area in Via Mazzini, the Arena with its prestigious Opera Festival or Piazza delle Erbe, all that will amaze you. A tour of the famous Venetian Villas, designed by the architect Palladio and recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, will offer unique, unforgettable moments.

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Shopping in Venice is unique. The most prestigious shops are distributed through the narrow alleys and canals all around St. Mark’s Square. One of the most important shopping streets is Calle Vallaresso, but you can also find high quality clothing and accessories out of town. Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet is only half an hour away from the lagoon.

If you are looking for something unusual and you love the craft and the art world, the island of Murano with its historical glassworks will fascinate you and give you great ideas for your purchases.

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Useful information on Venice


Venice has a climate typically padano or continental but moderated by the Adriatic dynamics: winters rather cold and humid and hot summers (temperatures above 30°), mitigated in part by the partial exposure to Bora. A characteristic phenomenon, especially during periods of bad weather, is that high water.


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Localition of interest for daily trips or travel routes

  • Vicenza: 78km / 1 ora approx.
  • Verona: 121 km / 1 h 20min approx.
  • Bologna: 153 km / 1h 50min approx.
  • Cortina d’Ampezzo: 158 km / 2h 30min approx.
  • Trieste: 161 km / 1 h 50min approx.
  • Lubiana: 240 km / 2h 50min approx.
  • Florence: 270 km / 3h approx.
  • Kitzbühel: 348 km / 4h 40min approx.

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