Exclusive Tour in Lugano

Our exclusive tour in Lugano is for people who love modern cities with personality. In the halfway from Mediterranean and centre European style, and on a side of a beautiful lake, you will find in Lugano everything you have ever expected.

Lugano and his History

The first documents where the existence of a settlement along the lake and not far from Como was proved, are from 724 A.D. For the first time of its history, the influence of bigger cities as Milan and Como was strong, and the economical and cultural growth of Lugano was strictly related to these nearby cities. After this period, the city was under the Old Swiss Confederacy control for three centuries. Lugano fell under the French and Napoleon control as part of the new Helvetic Republic. During the Congress of Vienna, Lugano became the capital and main city of Canton Ticino, which is part of the current Switzerland.

Activities in Lugano

Lugano is a very active and future oriented city. Here you will find many things you can do for your relaxation, fun and business.

The city centre is characterized by many boutiques, exhibition spaces and historical sites like churches and old palaces. In June and July the jazz music comes to town. One of the best music festivals, called Estival Jazz, will entertain people with jazz music in Piazza della Riforma. Visitors can choose between an active nightlife in clubs, gaming in casinos and tea rooms, or a healthy life with outdoor activities on the lake or on the green mountains of the surrounding area.

Gastronomy in Lugano

The food of Lugano area reflects the position of Canton Ticino. Risotto, salami and polenta are also typical of Milan and northern Italian areas. Cheeses instead are part of the culinary culture of Switzerland; in this area you can enjoy excellent red wine called Merlot.

Once you are visiting Lugano, you should try the typical Grotti, besides the main elegant restaurants: Grotti are small and stone built restaurants where you can try the food from the Lugano tradition.

Excursions around Lugano

Around Lugano there are a lot of exciting experiences waiting for you. Visiting the other villages along the Lugano Lake on a boat, or hiking, orienteering or climbing in the surrounding mountain areas, are only few of the activities you can do.

Very close to the Italian border, which is not far from Lugano, finds Lake Como with its beautiful views, villages and elegant villas.

If you are looking for fun, the Campione d’Italia Casino and many outlets and shopping malls in Mendrisio are the perfect places to go.

Useful information about Lugano


The climate in Lugano is Continental with some Alpine influence. Summers are usually hot and dry, and rarely can be sultriness.Winters are cold, but mitigate from the lake influence in the lower areas. Usually it snows once per year.

The best period for visiting Lugano and the Canton Ticino is between the late spring and the early autumn.


  • Villa Castagnola – 5 stars luxury
  • Villa Principe Leopoldo – 5 stars
  • Hotel Splendide Lugano – 5 stars
  • Swiss Diamond Hotel Lugano – 5 stars
  • The View Lugano – 5 stars

Location of interest for daily trips or travel routes

  • Como: 35 km / 45 minutes
  • Milan: 80 km / 1h 30 min
  • Lecco: 70 km / 1h 15 min
  • Chiasso: 30 km / 40 minutes
  • Zurich: 205 km / 2h 30 min
  • Luzern: 170 km / 2h
  • Bern: 245 km / 3h 30 min
  • Turin: 195 km / 2h 20 min

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