Exclusive Destinations

Special Request Travel organises exclusive and personalized itineraries in Italy and Europe, both for groups and individual clients. Our tours cover the whole Italian peninsula, with the possibility of extending the itineraries abroad.

Our strength is the ability to offer personalized itineraries according to the demands and interests of each customer, in order to meet any need. For groups we offer itinerant and cultural trips which allow them to deepen their knowledge of our country; for individual clientele we suggest a broad range of thematic solutions: luxury retreats in Italian and foreign cities to discover art, history and local products, itineraries dedicated to the main shopping destinations – crafts and manufacturing of excellence, boutiques of the finest designer labels, as well as the most prestigious brands linked to Home Design and to Made in Italy – relaxing stays in the most exclusive seaside resorts, mountains, lakes, islands and spas.

Special Request Travel staff are highly qualified, and able to assist the customer with any requirement – hotel reservations, flight and train tickets, guided tours, restaurant reservations, museums, theatres, shopping assistance, armed security, and much more – to ensure the unique experience of a tour planned in detail based on the preferences of the customer, and with full availability of a fleet of luxury cars with trained drivers with excellent language skills.

Here below we suggest some proposals of our tours, as a starting point to study the most suitable route for any need with the customer:


Exclusive tour in Cortina d’Ampezzo

The majestic beauty of the Dolomites, a UNESCO natural heritage of humanity, finds its culmination in the cozy mountain resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, a popular and unmatched destination which represents the excellence of the itineraries of our selection.


Exclusive tour in Courchevel

Courchevel is a gold mine! The unbridled luxury and excellence of “the most exclusive ski resort in the world” will make you think again about what you considered so far your best winter and summer holidays.

St. Moritz

Exclusive tour in St. Moritz

The winter resort of your dreams is St. Moritz, where tradition, beauty and elegance will be able to surprise you and give you unforgettable moments, a pearl set in the Engadin which deserves a stop among the luxury itineraries which have been selected for you.


Exclusive tour in Courmayeur

Why do we propose you Courmayeur? The answer is simple: we want to make you witnesses of the perfect combination between exclusivity and wilderness of Mont Blanc, the most coveted and discussed summit throughout Europe.


Exclusive Tour of the “Tyrolean” Kitzbühel

It is difficult to summarize the Kitzbühel charm. We will try to explain why we have selected this wonderful destination for an exclusive tour, using two simple words. Refinement and sportiness.


Exclusive tour in Milan

Milan is a destination which everyone should visit. Everybody talks about it all the time, perhaps because Milan is cosmopolitan, or for the innate elegance and luxury which allow it to be among the most active cities in Europe and the world.


Exclusive tour in Venice

Uniqueness and beauty: these are the words that sum up all the peculiarities and qualities of Venice, a city rich in history that will charm you and catapult your imagination into the old glories of the past.


Exclusive tour in Florence

Are you passionate about beauty, art and culture? Florence is the city for you! An exclusive tour of the city called the “Cradle of the Renaissance” will satisfy your every desire.


Exclusive tour in Naples

Naples is a city full of beauty and contrasts. Here you will find culture, history and beauty. The contradiction between a charming historic town with beautiful views and its neighborhoods makes it unique and unmissable. You will be amazed to visit it and you will keep a wonderful memory.


Exclusive tour in Rome

Rome has always been one of the most prestigious and desirable destinations in the world. The international fame is due to the endless beauty and numerous monuments and cultural places located throughout the historic centre.


Exclusive tour in Lugano

Our exclusive tour in Lugano is for people who love modern cities with personality. In the halfway from Mediterranean and centre European style, and on a side of a beautiful lake, you will find in Lugano everything you have ever expected.


Exclusive tour in Cannes

The city of Cannes is undoubtedly the emblem of the renowned Film Festival but also of luxury and modernity. An unforgettable exclusive tour in one of the Provence most desirable destinations of the whole French Riviera.

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St. Regis Florence
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