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Use of cookies

In order to make our services as much as possible efficient and simple, this site uses cookies. Therefore, when you visit the website, a minimum quantity of information, like small text files called “cookies”,  will be inserted in the user’s device and will be saved in the directory of the user’s web browser. It exists different kinds of cookies, but substantially the main purpose of a cookies is to allow a better work of the website and to enable some specific functions.

Cookies are used to improve the user’s web browsing. Particularly:

  • They allow you to browse efficiently through the website’s pages
  • They store user’s name and preferences inserted
  • They allow you to avoid entering the same information (such as user name and password) several times  during the visit
  • They measure the customers’ use of services to optimize the browsing and the services experience
  • They submit advertising information targeted to the interests and to the behavior shown by the user during the browsing
  • Different kind of cookies exist. Here below we report that cookies that could be used on the website together with the purposes related to the use.

Technical cookies

This kind of cookie are required for the correct function of some website’s area.  This category of cookie includes both persistent cookies and session cookies. In the absence of such cookie, the website or some parts of it could not work correctly. Therefore these cookies are always used independently from the user’s preferences. The cookies of this category are always sent from our domain.

Analytics cookies

This kind of cookie are used to collect information about the website use. The manager uses this information for statistics analysis, to improve the website and to simplify the use of it, as well as to monitor the general correct functioning.  This kind of cookie collects information anonymously about user’s activity on the website and about how the users reach the website. The cookies of this category are sent from our domain or from third parts.

Third parties’ Cookies

Third parties’ tracking cookies

This kind of cookies are used to collect information about the visitors’ use of the website, about the keywords used to reach the site, about the visited sites and about the origins of the traffic from where visitors come due to the marketing campaigns. The manager can use this information to fill reports and to improve the website. Cookies collect information anonymously. The cookies of this category are sent from our domain or from third partie

Functionality’s integration of third parties cookies

This kind of cookies are used to integrate third parties’ functions to the website (for example: feedback form or social network icon that allow the visitors to share the website contents). This cookie category could be sent from partner’s domains or from who offers the website functions.

The manager is not obliged to require any agreement to the user for technical cookies because these are strictly necessary to the service supply.

For other cookie categories, as per current regulations, the agreement could be explicated by the user through specific browser and computer configurations or through device that can be used clearly and easily by the user.

Manager reminds to the user that it is possible to modify cookie’s preferences in any moment.

It is also possible disable browser cookies in any moment, but this operation could prevent the use of some website parts to the user.

Third parties’ websites

The website contain links to other websites that have an own privacy policy. These privacy policy could be different from the manager one that will not be responsible for third parties’ websites.

According to and due to art. 122 second subparagraph of leg. 196/2003, the agreement to this cookies use is expressed by the person through an individual setting choose for his website browser subject to the right user to communicate at all times to the data controller’s own will on to managed data through cookies that the browser itself has agreed.


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