Who has never dreamed of getting aboard an elegant sedan or a sporty off-road vehicle and being accompanied where best desired by a driver who drives for you? It seems like an idea for a few, but it is not so, on the contrary!

An experience aboard a car with driver must be proven without a doubt, whether it is for business, or on the occasion of a special evening, a first at the Theater, or to spend a whole day of relaxation and shopping.

The first time you experience a trip on board a chauffeured car is exhilarating, you feel immediately ‘pampered’ from the first moment: the driver gallantly opens the door, personally takes care of loading your luggage in the car, makes sure once you get on board, the temperature is pleasant and the music doesn’t disturb you.

On board you can find every comfort such as: bottles of fresh water, wi-fi available, newspapers, candies and chocolates, wipes and much more.

The cars are spacious, comfortable, soundproofed and it is pleasant to travel knowing that there is a discreet, silent and extremely professional chauffeur driving.

But traveling aboard a car with a driver is much more: how many times did you waste dozens of minutes looking for parking, and you did not find it, and you had to walk several hundred meters before reaching the designated place? Perhaps risking to arrive late for an appointment or reaching your destination out of breath and already tired from the walk.

An experience aboard a chauffeured vehicle allows you to get off right in front of your destination, even if located in a Limited Traffic Zone. Forget the stress to find a parking space, your driver will take care of it once you arrive at your destination.

And a simple call or a short message at the end of your appointment will be enough to make you find your car and driver at the exit, making the most of your precious time.

Traveling with driver is an excellent solution even if you are a ‘leisure’ traveller with your family or a group of friends and you want to move easily from one place to another to visit the city where you stay without ‘getting lost’ in the city traffic, or just to get to your departure airport quickly, especially when you have several suitcases or souvenirs to take with you. The driver will also keep you informed in real time on the status of your departing flight, so to coordinate together the most congenial time to leave your hotel, based on traffic and travel times.

If, on the other hand, you wish to give this ‘luxury’ experience aboard a classy car with driver, why not take advantage of it in occasion of important events, such as the wedding of your best friend or of a relative? A special and unique day like that of the wedding leaves nothing to chance, not even the logistical aspect: the car that accompanies the bride to the altar is the protagonist together with the bride herself, and can only further enhance her elegance and class.

There is only a ‘click’ left to reserve now your favorite car wherever you want!

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